Session Paris
 03/04/05 July 2017


Please print out all fields in ENGLISH ONLY.
Data entered in another language will not be processed.

On site, you will need to provide a NOMINAL business card (no group business cards or shared company business cards) You will NO LONGER need to fill out any additional forms. Just go directly to the pre-registration counter with your business card.

Please check your Junk E-mail folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox.

Even if you pre-registered you will not be able to retrieve your badge if your nominal business card does not match your entered data. We reserve the right to cancel pre-registrations should we identify that the person is not a qualified textile trade professional. All data will be checked before we send your confirmation.

If you already pre-registered, please connect yourself to get your number and corresponding barcode :
it is necessary to enter the exhibition.

Pre-registrations are activated by Spinexpo management. You will receive an e.mail once the pre-registration is accepted.
Do not hesitate to connect regularly to the pre-registration platform to double-check that your pre-registration has been approved.
You will be able to load and print your bar code to enter the exhibition.